Unlock your preschooler's reading potential with

My Phonics Adventure: The Farm

Imagine having an exact step-by-step program so your child masters their phonics and starts reading with confidence and joy.

No more tears or frustration!


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Montessori inspired

Experience proven teaching techniques with a real teacher, offering the best literacy start to your child.

Fun & Interactive

Join the adventure and play with hands-on literacy activities for an enjoyable learning experience.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of experienced educators who have designed this program for optimal learning.

Our programs combine short, on-screen learning lessons with hands-on activities, creating the perfect hook that engages your child even after learning with a teacher online. 

Is this program suitable for children with no prior phonics knowledge?

Absolutely! Our phonics program is designed to cater to preschoolers at all levels, including beginners.

How much time should I dedicate to the program each day?

We recommend spending 15-20 minutes daily for optimal progress. Consistency is key!

What if my child loses interest or finds it challenging?

Our program is designed to be engaging and adaptable. We provide tips and strategies to keep your child motivated and overcome challenges.

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Easy for you

Explore 50 literacy activities for on-screen and off-screen play, all planned out for you. Relax while your child learns.

Music & movement

Move to the groove in our lessons with brilliant Boogie Mites songs that boost brain power, language and literacy skills!

Start reading

Give your child the gift of reading today on this Phonics Adventure, helping Zig Zig and decode our first words together.

Can my child join if they are already attending a preschool or nursery?

Yes! This program is perfect for hybrid learning, extra-curricular activities or homeschooling, especially when looking for a digital "activity box" packed with fun to have with your child at your fingertips. 

Is this program suitable for childminders, nannies or teachers?

Yes, you can use the activities for practice and get teaching ideas from the online teacher. Note that this program is for children's learning and not for adult training. 

Do I need to buy anything else once I purchase the program?

You will need access to a printer, paper, and basic craft supplies like scissors and glue. We've designed the activities with basic objects commonly found at home for your ease.

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